Caregiver Training


Today’s aging population continues to grow and many have chosen to remain in their own homes. This has led to a demand for skilled caregivers that project professionalism and demonstrate the necessary skills to successfully partner with their clients. This unique creative and dynamic training program and helped companies retain quality employees and experience increased client acquisition and profitability.

Partners 4 Performance, a training and consulting company based in Naples Florida, recently developed a new training program designed to help caregivers project professionalism and create a difference, one client at a time. It is called Creating a Positive Difference, one client at a time.

Every day in the media is a story about elder abuse which has been called “The Crime of the Century”. The National Adult Association Protection Services Association estimates that only one out of 44 cases are ever reported out of fear of confrontation by the aggressor. Elder abuse happens to not just elderly individuals with dementia but cognitively sound individuals are also prone to abuse.

nurse and elderly woman